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Integra ARINC NAV Interface
(DAI Part# S1850581-01)
Main features
External Navigation Device (END) used for INTEGRA ELTS and navigation equipment through ARINC 429/743
Used to store GPS data coming from an on-board GPS ARINC429/ARINC743 output
The position data is transmitted in the 406MHz distress message as soon as the ELT is activated
NAV equipment must send ARINC429 labels 310 and 311 or ARINC743 labels 110 and 110,
Power supplied by on board 28 VDC power supply
Operating temperatures: -40°C to + 55°C
Weight: 176 g (1350 g to 1555 g with ELT and Mounting Bracket according to ELT types)
Dimensions : 91 mm x 71 mm x 76 mm
(205 mm x 119 mm x 87 mm with ELT Automatic Fixed and Mounting Bracket)
(360 mm x 149 mm x 88 mm with ELT Automatic Portable and Mounting Bracket)

Compatible with ELTs ER-N:
AP INTEGRA (ER-N) P/N S1850501-03, AF INTEGRA (ER-N) P/N S1851501-03
AF-H INTEGRA (ER-N) P/N S1852501-03, AP-H INTEGRA (ER-N) P/N S1854501-03
Compatible with all RCP manufactured by Orolia S.A.S.

Shipset "INTEGRA ARINC e-NAV module", "Bracket Universal for INTEGRA e-NAV ARINC" and INTEGRA ELT must be ordered separately

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