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M451 Digital Voltmeter
(DAI Part# 451)
Minimum panel space
Automatic dimming
Operates from 14V or 28V

Davtron's Model 451 voltmeter is a small lightweight instrument that monitors the voltage of your aircraft precisely. The pilot can more accurately know the amount of capacity remaining in the battery when there is a low voltage condition. Also of great importance is the voltage at which the battery is being charged. Overcharging can lead to excessive water loss and battery failure. Model 451 is an extremely useful instrument which helps the pilot get better and more reliable service from the electrical system.

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Range 8V to 35V
Input Current 150 mA
Resolution .1V
Operating temperature -20°C to +60°C
Accuracy ± 1% of full scale
Warranty 1-year
Complete with cable and connector