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M811B Digital Chronometer
Digital clock
Flight time recorder
Elapsed time meter
Three independent 24-hr. six-digit (hours, minutes, seconds) solid state timing circuits
Bright incandescent display
Clock is set at factory to accurate (W.W.V.)
Flight time starts on takeoff
Elapsed time is controlled by pilot
All three functions have a memory (once evaluated entire fleets have been updated)
Standard is black, available in gray
FAA-PMA approved

811 Replacement Battery
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Display 6-digit display on all 3 function
Time Function 12 or 24-hr. clock configuration
Flight Time Recorder 24-hr.
Elapsed Time Meter 24-hr.
Battery 6V to 1 AMPS hr. supplied with a typical 2-year operating life
Polaroid Filter
Input Volatage 14V
Input Current .4 AMPS
Mounting Surface Depth 2.8" maximum
Weight 7.5 oz.
Crystal Reference .001% -40°C to +50°C
Warranty 1-year