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NavAlert II
(DAI Part# NA2000-1)
Display is designed to require no dedicated panel space. It will mount between the artificial horizon and the directional gyro or HSI and will actually overlay the lower portion of many horizons. A remote processor is mounted in an encoder-size enclosure. A single knob requiring a 3/8" hole is used by the pilot, to control all functions of the NavAlert II.
Display mounts to panel using two #6 screws on 3.17" centers that match the King KI-525A and Kg 258/259 spacing. Display may be mounted using existing screws that mount the HSI or horizon. One small hole is required for three wires to connect to the NavAlert II processor unit.

The pilot enters the current barometric pressure in inches or hectopascals using the unit's switch. The current encoder altitude corrected by barometric pressure may be displayed in either window and serves as a backup altimeter
The target altitude may be changed and displayed in the right window. Target altitude can be set in units of 1,000' or 100'. The NavAlert's switch is always "hot" to set in a new target altitude. The previous GPS display will return after the new target has been set
There is also a visual and audible "Gear" alert as the aircraft descends below 1,000' above the destination airport

3.5" W x 0.64" H x 0.47" D
The following GPS parameters may be displayed on either NavAlert II window
Time to waypoint
Distance to waypoint
Ground speed
Ground track
Waypoint ID
Track error with turn direction arrow
CDI with track error (0.3 or 1.0 nm full scale)
Target altitude
Option: VOR/LOC/GS display