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Flightcell Iridium 9575 Cradle
For Iridium 9575 Satellite Phone
(DAI Part# CRP_05001)
The Iridium Satellite Phone Cradle from Flightcell is lightweight, but the alloy frame is as solid as you can get - making this the toughest satellite phone mount available.

Designed for the US military and rated to 16+G for the extremes of military use, you can be sure that your Iridium 9505/9505A, 9555 or 9575 phone will stay put in this mount in the toughest situations, in the air, or on land or sea.

Easy to use: These cradles combine strength with ease of use. To mount the phone just clip it into place and lower the retaining latch. Simply flip up the retaining latch, push the antenna release button on your phone and you are portable again.

Fully self-contained and connected: All of these Flightcell Iridium mounts arefully self-contained, with inbuilt antenna connector, data and power supply connections.

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Material Machined from aluminium 6061
Input voltage 12-32 V DC
Power supply current 1ms inrush <=10.0A
100ms inrush <=250mA
Operating current 250mA max
Output voltage (to Iridium Phone) 5.0V
MIC audio Sensitivity as per satphone
SPKR audio Level as per satphone
Satphone data RS-232 levels, 9600bps
Width Overall 70mm (2.76")
Depth With or without satphone 65mm (2.56")
Height Including satphone 236mm (9.30")
Excluding satphone 222mm (8.74")
Weight Including satphone 956g (33.7oz)
Excluding satphone 680g (24.0oz)
Main connector on cradle DB25 male (8FTM25P-30N1-FEC)
Antenna connector TNC