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DZMx Plus
Simplify the replacement of existing legacy satcom

We have simplified the replacement of legacy satellite equipment. Upgrade to the latest satellite and cellular hybrid technology, with minimal cost and minimal downtime.

  • Straight LRU swap-out makes for easy installation
  • Designed to allow for future hardware expansion
  • Consists of a Transceiver Unit and a Remote Head Unit
  • Fits ARINC 600 2MCU tray
  • Has all the capabilities of the world-beating Flightcell DZMx product platform

Straight LRU Swap-out
Unlike the DZMx that was designed for the cockpit, the Flightcell DZMx Plus mounts on the existing tray in the avionics bay of an aircraft. It is a straight LRU swap-out for aging tray mounted satcom tracking systems.

There is very little installation needed, in most cases an additional cellular blade antenna will be added to take advantage of the DZMx's cellular voice and data capabilities.

The Flightcell DZMx Plus has more space available than the smaller DZMx product, providing scope for the future expansion of hardware and additional capabilities. DZMx Plus is controlled from the cockpit or cabin by the Remote Head Unit and has all the features of the DZMx, including the same functions, menu structure and user interface.

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Transceiver Unit
Remote Head Unit