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MARC 70 Switching Solutions
SA 3 / SA 3L Module
(DAI Part# 305005-01)
SANDIA Aerospace's SA 3 and SA 3L provide the installer with a regulated voltage to drive external annunciator lamps when installing new avionics and accessory equipment. Designed to provide up to 12 outputs, the installer can adjust both the maximum and minimum brightness to match the existing annunciators lamps. The SA 3and SA 3L are single circuit card which can be installed in SANDIA Aerospace's SRU-1 single card enclosure or in either the SRU-5 or the SRU-10 multi-card enclosures. They is certified to 55 thousand feet and has been tested to meet the more demanding vibration requirements of helicopter operations.

The SA 3 is used for incandescent annunciators.
The newly released SA 3L especially for LED annunciators.

SANDIA Aerospace maintains a complete inventory of Line Replaceable Units for immediate delivery should a replacement unit ever be required.

.5 Amp Continuous, 1 Amp Short Term (for annunciator test)
Adjustable Voltage To Match Existing Annunciators Brightness for either incandescent or LED's (SA 3L)
Multiple Output Pins Eliminates Splices In Wiring Harness
PMA Approved
Tested to Meet or Exceed DO160D
Easily Field Serviceable - Worldwide
Backed By SANDIA Aerospace's 3 Year Warranty