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AIS200B-35 Switching Relay
(DAI Part# 306433-00)
The AIS200A-35 is a multi-purpose switching unit. The twenty poles of switching allows all the resolver lines and the steering lines to be switched simultaneously. Internal fail safe switching circuitry ensures that ILS steering is always displayed on the indicator should power be lost to the system or if an ILS frequency is selected in the NAV receiver. Annunciator outputs advise the pilot which system is being displayed on his HSI/CDI. As with our whole AIS family of switching units, the AIS200A-35 uses gold plated dry contacts that are sealed in nitrogen filled cases. The rugged construction of the AIS200A-35 , makes them ideal switching units for both fixed wing and helicopter operations.

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Size 1.20" x 3.46" x 5.13"
Weight .50 lb.
Voltage 28 Vdc
Current 175mA all relays engaged
Contact Rating 1.0 Amps at 30Vdc
Operating Temp -20c to +55c
Altitude 50,000 Ft.